A few of the classrooms at Colby are equipped with video recording technology.  These videos can be scheduled to align with your class; or, you can record at will.  Please follow the steps outlined below to get started. Read more »

The Quiz activity in Moodle allows a teacher to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, and drag and drop images and text. Read more »

A Moodle discussion forum is an activity where students and teachers can exchange ideas by posting comments. A forum can contribute significantly to successful communication and community building in an online environment. Read more »

The groups feature in Moodle allows teachers to assign students to one or more groups for the entire course or an individual activity.

Read more »

When attending or hosting a web conference using software like Google Meet or Zoom, establishing good audio and video, and following other best practices, will be beneficial for the other meeting participants.  Please follow the guidance on this page to make the most out of your meeting. Read more »

Downloaded and launch the Solstice app. You may get a warning about apps that haven’t come from the App Store

Open your computer’s system preferences

Follow the 5 steps


Relaunch Solstice

Click on the Mersive Solstice app

Share your microphone


Occasionally, there is the need to take a new video to publish into WordPress, Moodle, or any number of other platforms. Because many of these services offer limited storage space, it is better to host your video on a platform such as YouTube or Google Drive.  Follow these steps to embed a video from Google Drive. Read more »