Join Academic ITS to learn about Google Drive and Team Drives. In this session, you’ll  learn how to:

  • Upload and create documents
  • Work with files
  • Share and collaborate
  • Access from any device
  • Team Drive

Date:  July 16, 2019
Time: 2-3pm
Location: Miller Davis Classroom
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Get started now learning about Google Drive and Team Drive!


Join Academic ITS to learn all about Google Forms.

In this session, you’ll  learn how to:

  • Create a form
  • Add and edit questions
  • Share your form with collaborators
  • Send or embed your form
  • View and analyze responses

Date: July 16, 2019

Time: 10-11am

Location: Miller Davis Classroom

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Can’t wait? Learn about Google apps now!

ITS invites you to an information session about the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications.


Colby recently began offering a campus license for Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes many Adobe applications under a subscription model. This resource is available for any Colby-owned faculty, staff, or lab computer. Commonly-used applications in this suite include:

  • Acrobat DC for PDF creation and editing
  • Photoshop for image manipulation
  • InDesign for creating print graphics
  • Premiere for video editing

In this informational session, participants will receive:

  • A general overview of Creative Cloud
  • A showcase of interesting and popular applications
  • Resources for application-specific training
  • Instructions for installing Creative Cloud
  • Training to access the built-in cloud storage
  • Guidance on using Creative Cloud mobile apps

This will be a joint presentation by Tim Stonesifer and Ellen Freeman of Academic ITS and Stile Cantrell from the ITS Support Center.

Date: July 30, 2019
Time: 1:30-3:00pm
Location: Miller Davis Classroom
Space is limited. Please RSVP


Can’t wait? To learn about Adobe apps available with Colby’s campus license now, click HERE.

Need to update your website on Come by the Miller Davis Classroom for an open work session where you can work on your website with ITS nearby. We will be available to answer WordPress questions about:

  • Creating new pages and posts
  • Changing your site navigation
  • Updating content
  • Adding PDF’s and images
  • And, much more!

Dates: July 17th and July 31st
Time: 1:30-3pm
Location: Miller Davis Classroom

Please RSVP

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Qualtrics is an industry-leading online survey service that provides an easy way for Colby faculty, staff, and students to create online surveys and analyze the results.

Join Academic ITS as we welcome Becky Brodigan and Melissa Hartz who will share about how Institutional Research and Assessment at Colby is using the Qualtrics Online Survey tool for institutional data collection and display. They will also talk about using Qualtrics with SPSS and Tableau in their suite of tools.

Date: May 7, 2019
Time: 12 noon-1pm
Location: Grossman 209

Lunch will be provided by ITS. Space is limited. To help us plan for lunch, please RSVP.
For more information contact [email protected]

Tim Hubbard | Active Learning

Tim Hubbard, Associate Professor of Economics, frequently has his students participate in simple games for his course in Game Theory, EC379. However, there were limitations to his analog approach, including some students quickly developing a reputation as being a certain type of player. Prompted by the FIT fellowship, Tim and the team in Academic ITS implemented a tool called oTree, in which students would use their own device to play anonymously. This also allowed for a larger data set of interactions to be captured, enabling students to see larger trends.
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Megan Cook | Blended Learning

When Megan Cook, Assistant Professor of English, was looking to redesign her Global Middle Ages course, she partnered with Academic ITS to figure out ways that technology could help to accomplish her goals. Conventional writing assignments were replaced by scaffolded exercises in which students ultimately developed a non-linear travel journal using GIS.

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Josh Martin | Blended Learning

Associate Professor of Biology, Josh Martin, works with his students to examine how insect brains differ between species. To supplement in-class dissections, Josh wanted to virtually show students how brains compare in size and features. In partnership with Academic ITS as a part of the FIT program, Josh envisioned a virtual reality insect brain viewer, which allows students to dynamically compare digital models of these brains.
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Whitney King teaches in the Schupf Lab

A new visualization wall was recently installed in the Schupf Scientific Computing Center. The wall can be configured to display an extended desktop of the instructor station or to show the instructor computer and a laptop side-by-side. Other layout options will soon include the ability to allow multiple students to wireless mirror their computer screens to the wall. The wall will also has touchscreen capability, allowing up to six touch points so that the instructor can touch the wall and manipulate the information as if using a mouse. This 4-by-2 array of monitors covers much of the front of the classroom, totaling 16′ x 4.5′ of screen real estate.

The visualization wall in the Schupf Lab is an ideal platform for faculty or students seeking a dynamic, large, and detailed representation of graphical content. Please contact Academic ITS for a consultation in how to integrate this room into your teaching.

JanPlan 2019 Moodle course sites that are in use will remain open and available to enrolled students by default until their graduation. If you prefer to make your JanPlan 2019 course sites unavailable to students, please complete these steps:

1. Go to Moodle and log in using your Colby id and password
2. Navigate to your course site
3. Click on “Edit settings” in the Administration block
4. Change ‘Visible’ to “Hide”
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Save and display” button

Questions? Please contact [email protected]