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Home Screen OptionsDescription
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.33.01 AMTab to work on an existing image from your camera roll
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.33.11 AMTab to take a new photo with your iPad to annotate
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.33.24 AMTab to work on a screenshot
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.33.36 AMTab to go directly to a URL or type in a search, Snap the webpage using the snap icon and annotate
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.33.53 AMTab to open and add marks on the map, Pinch and Zoom into the map
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.34.11 AMTab to open a blank canvas

Drawing Tools

Skitch comes with a number of touch-friendly drawing tools:

  • Finger: Use the finger tool to grab and manipulate any object that you’ve drawn and move it around. You can also tap on an object and rotate it or pinch and zoom to resize it. Using two fingers to rotate and resize Skitch rectangles is surprisingly satisfying. We don’t know why.
  • Pencil: The pencil is your go-to for freehand drawing.
  • Arrows: Draw the famous Skitch arrows to point out what’s important.
  • Text: Select the text option, then tap wherever you want your text to appear. Enter it into the text box and tap Done.
  • Shapes: Choose from circles, squares and lines. Drag you finger on the canvas to draw your shapes.
  • Crop: Crop your canvas to any size you wish with this tool.
  • Color and thickness: Tap on the colored dot to choose a color and line thickness for your arrows, shapes and text.
  • Trash: Select something with the finger tool, then tap trash to remove the item, or tap without selecting to clear the canvas.

For more information on how to use Skitch, click here.

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