Custom Calendar View

Let me guess, you love using the Colby Apps Calendar, but you wish you could choose a view other than Day or Week? How would you like to have the ability to control exactly how many days appear in your calendar view?

Colby Apps Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you love working in Colby Apps but miss the keyboard shortcuts you were used to in applications like Eudora, Outlook, Word and Excel? Well have I got news for you! Google has its own built-in set of keyboard shortcuts and many of them are the same as the ones you were used to from...

New Look to Colby Apps

In the coming weeks you will notice the look and feel of your Colby Apps will change.  Google has done research and listened to requests to make the interface look cleaner and hopefully easier to use.  Below are side-by-side comparisons of the old (classic) and new looks for E-mail, Calendar and Documents.

Using Excel’s Fill Handle

The Fill Handle is very useful for copying the contents of a cell or extending a series of data.  It is represented by a little blue square in the lower right corner of a selected cell. To fill in a series of data: Enter the first part of your data set. For instance, “1, 2,...

Mac Application and Folder Shortcuts

A shortcut is an icon that be “clicked” to open an application or folder without having to “go find it” on your computer. The instructions below are for running an application, but the process is the same for opening a folder or a file.

The Leopard Mac Application Dock

By default, the Dock sits at the bottom of the Mac display. The Dock was introduced in OS X and contains shortcuts to applications. As you move the cursor along the Dock, the icons will be magnified. You can relocate the Dock to the sides and you can set it to “autohide”. The size of the icons in...

3 New Features in Google Mail

#1 Color Coding Setting certain types of appointments in your calendar to a different color from your default calendar color can help organize and highlight specific events. To set a single event to a different color: Double click on the event to open it OR Create a new event and “Edit Details” Under the even...

Resetting the View Percent in PDF Files

Stymied about how to get a PDF file you have created to automatically open at 100%? Got a file from a colleague that opens at 65% every time no matter what you do? If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro Here is the fix: Open the PDF file Click on File > Properties Click on the...


Do you have a WORD document or report that you want to create a POWERPOINT presentation for? Did you know there is an easy way to import WORD into POWERPOINT? Here’s how: