Here are some simple tips to get the right participants into your web video conference and to keep unexpected participants out.

For Zoom meetings

Always make sure you are running the latest Zoom software client by checking for updates or downloading a current version.

Get familiar with how to manage the participants in a meeting – knowing how to mute or remove participants from a meeting are important skills that you may not know you need until the moment that you need them. If you are hosting a very large meeting, consider adding a co-host that can assist in managing participants and logistics such as audio, screen sharing and chat.

When setting up new meeting options, use secure settings:

  • Set a password. Share the meeting invitation, with the password, only with invited guests. Avoid posting this information to a public calendar or website where an uninvited guest can obtain it.
  • Disable/uncheck ‘Join before host’ and Enable the waiting room feature. These settings keep you in control of the meeting – when it starts, who can join in, and when.
  • Consider muting participants upon entry.



Consider turning on the “waiting room” in your account settings. With this feature turned on, you will need to admit all meeting participants or, optionally, guests (participants not logged into Colby accounts), from a virtual waiting room for all meetings that you host. Do not admit unexpected or unfamiliar participants!

  • Go to your personal Zoom account settings.
  • In the “In Meeting (Advanced)” section of the “Meeting” settings go to “Waiting Room” and turn it on.
    • You can choose to put all participants into the waiting room when they join or just guests (participants not logged into Colby accounts)
    • You can also, optionally, allow other Colby participants to admit guests by checking the box for “Allow internal participants to admit guests if the host is not present”




Limit screen sharing by turning it off or restricting it to the meeting host. This prevents others from suddenly introducing unrelated or distracting content.

  • Go to your personal Zoom account settings.
  • In the “In Meeting (Basic)” section of the “Meeting” settings go to “Screen sharing” and turn it off or on.
    • Under ‘Who can share’ select ‘Host Only’ to limit screen sharing to the host.
    • If permitting all participants to share their screen, consider limiting new shares to the host only.


For Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is configured with a virtual waiting room feature. Participants who are not invited or not logged into Colby accounts must request to join and be admitted to the meeting by an existing participant. Never admit a participant that you do not recognize or did not invite.