MP3 Relaxation Exercises

This 10 minute tape is designed to help you learn how to relax and/or re-energize yourself.  It can be helpful in a variety of situations such as:

• Calming and centering yourself if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

• Taking a break and re-energizing yourself when you have a lot to do.

• Preparing you mentally for an important event like an exam, presentation or athletic competition.

• Relaxing you at the end of the day, so that you can sleep soundly and wake refreshed.


The tape contains 3 relaxation techniques that complement each other, but can also be used separately:

  1. Deep, slow abdominal breathing to calm and center you.
  2. Progressive muscle tensing and relaxing, to let go of any tension held in your body.
  3. Visualization to help you experience feelings of calm, peacefulness and well being.


If you want to learn more about ways to relax and handle stress in your life, please consider making an appointment to meet with a counselor.