Psychiatric Consultation and Medication

Counseling Services contracts with a local psychiatrist, Dr. Arlene Almazan, to provide psychiatric consultation.  Students need a referral from a counselor or from one of the medical practitioners at the Health Center to make an appointment with the psychiatrist.  The student will be asked to sign a release allowing the psychiatrist to communicate her/his assessment and recommendations to the referring counselor and/or medical practitioner.  The psychiatrist will interview the student to assess his/her problem and discuss the option of medication if that seems appropriate.  If a medication is prescribed, the student is responsible for the cost of the medication (which is often covered – at least in part - by health insurance).  Students who are being seen regularly by the psychiatrist for medication management are expected to engage in regular counseling as well.

Students who have been prescribed medication by a physician at home should see one of the Health Center medical practitioners for routine prescription refills and/or questions about their medication.  The medical practitioner will make referrals to the consulting psychiatrist as needed.