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Welcome to Colby College and the International Host Family Program! Colby College administrators, faculty, staff and members of Waterville and surrounding communities, share their time and families with international students as hosts.

The program is not residential. Host families may invite students to dinner and an evening of conversation, or honor and celebrate holidays native to your country or American traditions. Additionally, host families might help you become acquainted with Maine, shop for necessary items or even solve a problem.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about American lifestyles and ideas, while sharing your own culture.

If you would like a host family, please complete and submit the application below as soon as possible.

Personal Information
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Contact Information
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Program Information
What are your interests? (These may include sports, music, games, art, travel, etc.)
What are your preferences? (List your like or dislike for children, animals, etc.)
We will do our best to match you with a host family according to your interests. Please use this space below to share any additional information. (Confidential)