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Important message about Internet Browser Security

Your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari) is likely putting your data and privacy at risk.    


Aside from your computer's operating system itself, the Internet or web browser is probably the most frequently used software on your computer.  Mail, news, social networks and even banking sites are often accessed using an Internet browser, yet the overwhelming majority (more than 90%) of browsers used to log in to the Colby website today are either out-of-date or are running vulnerable software such as Oracle Java or Adobe Flash.  If a vulnerable browser were to visit a malicious website, they could quickly and easily become compromised, putting the user's data, computer and every keystroke at risk, often without the user even knowing it.


Find out if your web browser is secure and how to keep it that way.  If you use an Internet browser, ITS urges you to read the Internet Browser Security Recommendations and follow the four simple steps to a secure Internet browser.


As always, if you have questions about your Internet browser, computer or data security, please contact the appropriate ITS support desk:

Faculty and Staff Support Center : x4222 or

Student Computer Services : x4224 or


— April 26, 2013