ITS strives to provide information technology resources to support a computing environment that is necessary to meet the needs and priorities of the Colby Community and the College.  Included in these resources are the facilities, network infrastructure, software, telephone, cable TV, copiers and web authoring, as well as many other resources. Please read below or use the navigation bar to the left for more information on a specific topic

Web Authoring at Colby
Colby provides content management software called CommonSpot for faculty and staff wishing to create and work with web content.   All of Colby’s major Web sites have been created within CommonSpot, and we are currently in the process of converting department sites. 

People wishing to have access to departmental or club Web sites to upload or edit content, please fill out the Web Access Request Form.

In addition to publishing content with CommonSpot, cu
rrent Colby students, staff and faculty can publish their own materials on Colby's web server.  Everyone is allocated 10 MB of server space, for additional space requests contact Jeff Earickson.

Videos and DVDs
ITS Media Resources and the Colby Libraries  provide videos/DVDs to faculty for classroom instruction.  Librarians are available to assist faculty in identifying video material and procuring items for addition to the Colby media collection.  Click for instructions on Video/DVD showings.  

Requests for rental or preview of video materials must be made to Media Resources. Request may be made online using the Video/DVD/Film Request Form.  Procured items are checked out at the Miller Circulation Desk with a valid library card.