Blackberry How-To's

How can I adjust the volume or tone of my phone?

Move cursor onto the speaker and press the center button. Scroll to select the profile you want. Or scroll to the bottom and select Advanced to edit the default profiles.

How can I separate my MMS/SMS messages from my email?
Go to Messages Options > General Options > SMS and Email Inboxes and select Separate.
My Blackberry is frozen or has a stuck dialog box.

Remove the back cover and take out the battery. Replace the battery and press the red power key to return your Blackberry to operation.

My computer shows the "Welcome to the found new hardward wizard" when I connect my Blackberry.

Click on the dialog box and choose to do the install.

Can I use my Blackberry as a modem (tethered mode)?

Yes, follow the instructions at Blackberry -How to Use as a modem

Do I need to use Desktop Manager (Windows)/Pocket Mac (Macintosh) to sync my Blackberry?

You will need to use the Desktop Manager or Pocket Mac application to sync the following items:

- Outlook e-mail time stamps

- Outlook Calendar

- Outlook Contacts

- Memos

What does the flashing red light mean?
If the red light is flashing you have new messages.
How do I temporarily suspend my Blackberry?

Hold down the red button until the Blackberry turns off. Press the red button to resume operation.

My Blackberry has a dialog box about "Application Permissions" and http or https, what do I do?

The message "The application X has requested a http(s) connection to "http(s)://..." This message is asking whether you want to allow access to a particular website or to all sites using http/https. You should check the last option "Do not ask for http(s) to exact URL" and then select Allow.

If you select the first option "Do not ask for http" you allow open access to all http urls. Avoid selecting this option.