Windows 2000/XP - Adding a Color Printer via the Color Print Server

These instructions are for faculty and staff. 
Students who need to print a document should go to one of the public labs.

  1. Go to Start -> Run
  2. Type \\fileserver1\Software\Windows\Printing\ColorPrintingInstallers\
  3. Click OK

Start -> Run -> Printserver2  

  1. Decide which method of printing you will be using:
  2. Color Print Release Station - when you print, it will queue the job until you go to Print Release Station, logon, OK the job and are charged at that time.
  3. Direct Print - will print directly to the printer after you OK the charges via a dialog box.

Printserver2 printer list  

  1. Double click on the package name to start the installation.


  1. After installation is complete, click Finish.


  1. Once the printer window opens, if  you want to make this printer your default printer, choose Printer -> Set as Default

Set as default window