Windows XP - Wireless for Colby Owned Computers


On Colby owned computers, we recommend using the Intel Pro-Set software that comes installed on all Dell laptops. The Support Center is unable to support connectivity to wireless networks other than "Colby Wireless" due to specific setup issues that may involve the wireless network's administrator. If you are connecting via a private home, network, or business, settings and password information should be obtained from your host and/or his or her Internet Service Provider.

Security Disclaimer: Please be aware that wireless networks, by nature, are insecure. It is recommended that you not send unencrypted passwords (such as through Eudora/Outlook or Telnet) or other secure information (such as credit cards) over a wireless network. Anyone attempting to monitor the content of another person’s wireless network communication is in violation of the Code of Ethics for Information at Colby College and subject to disciplinary action.

Connect to the Colby Wireless Network

  1. Go to StartPrograms > Intel PROSet Wireless
  2. Click Enable Intel PROSet/Wireless

Enable Intel Proset

  1. Click Refresh to search for nearby wireless networks
  2. Double click on Colby Guest Access once it appears
  3. Click Configure

intel proset 1

  1. Choose  "Create a profile"
  2. Click OK

Intel Proset configuration

  1. For Profile Name: type [Colby Guest Access]
  2. Click Next, Next

intel proset 2

  1. Network Authentication: pull-down to Open
  2. Data Encryption: pull-down to None
  3. Click Next
  4. Click OK

Intel Proset configuration


  1. The computer is now connected to the Colby Guest Access network and the Intel Proset icon is displayed in the notification area of the taskbar.

Intel Proset configuration