Pediatrics Registration

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Housing Options
Meals and lodging are available at the College for registrants and their family members. Costs per individual for the duration of the course are listed below.
*I plan to stay:
I plan to bring my:
girl(s) age 3-9 - $156 each
girl(s) age 10-16 - $198 each
boy(s), age 3-9 - $156 each
boy(s), age 10-16 - $198 each
other adults, age 17+ (in same room) - $265/each
other adults, age 17+ (separate room) - $331/each
Lobster Dinner
A Downeast Lobster Bake will be held during this program and is included for on-campus participants.
Dinner Options:
Cost for off-campus participants is $40 per person.
Cost for off-campus participants is $30 per person.
Cost for off-campus participants is $30 per person.
Total (Tuition, Meals and Lodging):
Additional Comments
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Billing Information
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A $50 processing fee will be retained if notice of cancellation is received after two weeks prior to start of program. No refunds for non-cancellations.

Colby College admits registrants to any program without regard to race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, age, sex, or handicapped status. Persons needing special assistance should contact the Special Programs office.

To pay an outstanding balance, please return to the registration form and re-enter your information.