Activities at Colby
Colby is a community, and like a city or town it has a governance structure, traditions, communal events, focused interest groups, a wide range of social events, arts and performances, and teams to play on or to cheer for. Each year academic departments, administrative offices, student government, and myriad student groups sponsor a rich variety of cultural, intellectual, and arts events. The campus is a stimulating environment that offers many opportunities to get involved and to take leadership roles. Life at Colby is whatever students choose to make it.

But students don’t need to stay on Mayflower Hill to get involved. Through the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, the Colby Volunteer Center, Colby Cares About Kids, the South End Coalition, service-learning opportunities in courses, and more, Colby students are engaged in the world beyond campus.

Activities at Colby
Activities at Colby
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