Leadership Opportunities
There are a variety of ways for students to take leadership roles on campus. Students have the opportunity to participate in Student Government Association positions, club and organizational leadership positions, athletic team positions, and a variety of other student leadership roles on campus. Each role has a significant impact on student life on campus.

Emerging Leaders Program
The Emerging Leaders program encourages first- and second-year students, early in their careers, to develop leadership skills not only for residential positions, but for club and athletic team positions. Skills acquired are transferable to many lifelong endeavors. The Emerging Leaders program supplements and augments leadership opportunities that are part of student life including:

College-wide elected/selected student leadership
Other College-wide leadership opportunities exist among the Student Government Association executive board, Colby Outdoor Orientation Trip (COOT2) leader positions, SMART leaders, club and organization officers, and team captains.

Campus-wide social leadership
Opportunities for leadership roles shaping campus life include the Student Programming Board executive board, committee chairs and members, and the Pugh Community Board executive board and members.

Hall leadership
Residence hall leadership opportunities include the hall staff program and the elected hall presidents, who represent their halls on the Student Government Association’s Presidents’ Council.

Class councils and representatives
Class councils and representatives work to create class identity by providing programming focused on class issues. Additionally, each class informs their peers of vital information for their class year. Culminating the experience, councils program the end-of-the-year activities including Senior Week.

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Leadership Opportunities