Bias Incident Log

Bias Incident Prevention and Response Team - Campus Climate Log
 Date Location  Characteristic Targeted  Incident Description 
FALL 2012      
 09/14/12 Pugh Center,       1st Floor CommonSpace  Homophobic  Discrimination by a student organization. 
 09/24/12 Bulletin Board, Bixler      Homophobic  Slur written on a sign-up sheet. 
 10/22/12 White Board, Door in Foss Racial Slur written on a sign-up sheet.
 11/01/12 Off-Campus Racial Student dressed in a black-face for Halloween. 
 11/02/12 East Quad Lounge             Ethnic Swastika carved into a pumpkin. *Report canceled, not a swastika. 
 11/16/12 Heights Roundabout                      Homophobic  Homophobic slur shouted by a group of students at a student walking by.              
01/12/13 Bridge Club Room Pugh Center    Racial The Bridge clubroom pride flag was defaced with a racial slur.
 02/17/13 Miller Library Quad on Pulver Side   Homophobic Homophobic slur shouted by two male individuals at a student walking by.             
 03/10/13 Foss, Third               Floor  Gender  Slur written on a white board. 
 03/11/13 On-line  Homophobic  Homophobic slur written as a response to a SGA survey. 
FALL 2013      
 09/25/13 Miller Library           Steps  Religion  Visitor to campus was heard shouting messages of religious intolerance from the library steps.                
 10/30/13 Pulver Pavilion SPA     National           Origin/Ethnicity  A group of students having a conversation in their native language reported that a person confronted the group and chastised them for not speaking English in a public place and in an "English speaking" country. 
 11/19/13 Heights Foyer  Sexual Orientation 
Student was repeatedly yelled at and called a 'fag' by another student.
 11/19/13 Dana 3rd floor: Posts on Colby Confessions Facebook  Religion  Dana third floor bulletin board was defaced with the message 'I hate the papists, they worship a man in a pointy hat." Similar anonymous posts were made on the Facebook Confessions page. 
JAN PLAN 2014       
 01/20/14 Alfond Fitness  Sexual Orientation  A group of three students harassed another student during his workout. One of the three students called him a 'fag' and pulled off his headphones.
SPRING 2014      
 02/24/14 Colby Facebook Confessions  Race  An anonymous post on the Colby Confessions Facebook page made a claim that a Colby student organization is racist based on its name and mission. 
 05/09/14 Dana Residence Hall  Race/Ethnicity  Student reported that another student living in Dana has been making offensive slurs. 
 05/10/14 Off-campus, 3 mile Loop  Sexual Orientation  Student reported that occupants of a car yelled 'faggot' as the car passed. 
FALL 2014      
 11/10/14 Heights Residence Hall  Sexual Orientation  A student reported multiple incidents of homophobia, harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence. These reported incidents were directed at students living in the Heights residence hall.