Student Affairs Staff

Name Email Office Phone
Campus Life 859-4280
Danielle R. Hague Cotter Union 859-4280
Administrative Assistant
Faith Kagwa Cotter Union 859-4280
Assistant Director of Campus Life
Kimberly A. Kenniston Cotter Union 859-4287
Associate Director of Campus Life
Erika Lamarre Cotter Union 859-4280
Associate Dean of Students and Director Campus Life
Ryan M. Linehan Cotter Union 859-4284
Associate Director of Campus Life/Director of Outdoor Education
Gines A Satchithanandam Cotter Union 202 859-4286
Associate Director of Campus Life
Career Center 859-4140
Cate Talbot Ashton Eustis 859-4140
Associate Director of Career Services
Jordan M. Bell Eustis 859-4140
Assistant Director of Internships and Employer Relations
Tammi-Lynn Hamm Eustis 859-4141
Administrative Assistant
Alisa M. Johnson Eustis 859-4140
Career Center Director
Lisa A. Noble Eustis 859-4147
Senior Associate Director for Employer Engagement
Shannon D. Roy Eustis 107B 859-4140
Administrative Assistant
Sarah M. Whitfield Eustis 859-4140
Assistant Director of Career Services
Counseling Services 859-4490
Alissa B. Benziger Garrison-Foster 859-4490
Administrative Coordinator
Eric S. Johnson Garrison-Foster 859-4490
Director of Counseling Services
Ozgur Dicle Turkoglu Garrison-Foster 859-4490
Psychologist Counseling
Jing Ye Garrison-Foster 859-4490
Psychological Counselor
Dean of Students 859-4250
Joseph E. Atkins Eustis 207A 859-4253
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology; Coordinator of Multicultural Student Programs and Support
Tashia L. Bradley Eustis 859-4256
Senior Associate Dean of Students and Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs
Elizabeth A. Christopher Eustis 203 859-4252
Administrative Assistant
Susan M. McDougal Eustis 859-4263
Associate Dean of Students
Barbara E. Moore Eustis 203A 859-4250
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Sr Associate Dean
Kurt D. Nelson Lorimer 034 859-4272
Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life
Karen E. Platt Eustis 210A 859-4250
Administrative Assistant
Emily E. Schusterbauer Cotter Union 859-4093
Director of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Program/Assoc Dir Pugh Center
Maki B Smith Cotter Union 859-
Jan Plan Instructor
Health Services 859-4460
Helen Balgooyen Health Center 859-4463
Temporary Nurse
Paul D. Berkner Health Center 859-4460
Medical Director, Research Scientist in Biology
Lydia Bolduc-Marden Health Center 859-4460
Nurse Practitioner
Donna A. Jurdak-Roy Health Center 859-4467
Nurse/Laboratory Coordinator
Kristina D. Miller Health Center 859-4970
Staff Athletic Trainer
Christopher O'Toole Health Center 859-4970
Staff Athletic Trainer
Laura K. Patterson Health Center 859-4460
Jennifer G. Riddle Health Center 859-4460
Nurse Practitioner
Paul M. Rucci Health Center 859-4970
Staff Athletic Trainer
Katherine L. Sawyer Health Center 859-4460
Coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Robin Shafer Health Center 859-4460
Christina M. Steeves Health Center 859-4461
Administrative Assistant
Meredith M. Tardiff Health Center 859-4460
Administrative Assistant
Emily S. Vartabedian Alfond Athletic Center NELS 859-4970
Staff Athletic Trainer
Holly G. Weidner Health Center 859-4460
Nurse Practitioner
Timothy Weston Health Center 859-4970
Head Athletic Trainer
Judith A. Whyte Health Center 859-4460
Health Center Head Nurse
Hannah B. Willihan Davis Science Center 111 859-4480
Maine Concussion Management Initiative Project Administrator