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Majors and Minors

With 56 majors and 35 minors, Colby offers the ideal liberal arts and sciences environment: the variety you need for wide exploration and the depth you need to focus in your area (or areas) of interest. Along the way you’ll gain the tools and experience to master any profession and adapt to any circumstance. Heading for a career in medicine, law, or engineering? We have the courses and advising to get you ready—while ensuring you graduate with the liberal arts and sciences knowledge and skill set that will make you a better doctor, attorney, or engineer.

Our Professors

They’re world-class scholars and teachers who dive deeply into major issues facing our world. From research assistantships and independent study projects, to summer experiences and excursions abroad, they view collaboration with students as essential to the work they do. What’s more, students who work with professors often become co-authors of books, articles, and papers, and travel to national and international conferences, all before they receive a degree.

First Light

Colby astronomers Dale Kocevski and Elizabeth McGrath are among a select group likely to receive the first light from NASA’s revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled to launch in November.

An Invisible Mental Trap

Jin Goh unearths people’s perceptions of sexual harassment victims—and the consequences of those mental images..

Frozen in Stone

At Maine’s Pemaquid Point, Associate Professor Bill Sullivan studies past—and future—tectonic activity.

How to Hear a Stutter

Poet Adam Giannelli, a visiting assistant professor of English at Colby, was a graduate student when he wrote “Stutter,” a poem about the everyday experiences of people who stutter, like himself.

Jan Plan

At Colby you’ll spend January doing just one thing of your choosing. Our innovative winter term is about exploration, expansion, freedom, and the chance to really focus. Do research in Belize. Shadow an oncologist at a local hospital. Take an internship in Miami. Become an EMT. Make a movie. Follow your fascination. Try something entirely new. Whatever it is, spend January in motion.


It’s in our DNA—the tendency to ask tough questions and allocate brain space to search for solutions. The opportunities are here for any student who wants to get involved. Dive into one-on-one collaborations with professors in any major throughout the year—on campus and around the world. Publish and present. Partner with leading research institutes. Tap into ample grant support. Be part of an annual student symposium for which classes are canceled and everyone shows up.

Photo of discussion in Colby College Museum of Art during CLAS


The Colby Liberal Arts Symposium (CLAS) is a celebration of student scholarship. For one day each year, the Colby community comes together to recognize and celebrate students’ many forms of scholarly engagement.

Rafting during Colby Undergraduate Summer Research Retreat (CUSRR)

Summer Research Retreat

The Colby Undergraduate Summer Research Retreat (CUSRR) is a two-day symposium and retreat in The Forks, Maine, featuring student talks and poster presentations on a wide variety of topics.

CAPS (Colby Achievement Program in the Sciences) students in lab


The Colby Achievement Program in the Sciences (CAPS) is for incoming Colby students from groups that traditionally have been underrepresented in the sciences.

Presidential Scholars

The Presidential Scholars Program offers the top students in each incoming class opportunities to conduct research alongside world-class professors as soon as they arrive on campus along with access to a pool of grants to design their own projects.

Colby College students work at the Walensky lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Pulver Science Scholars

The Pulver Science Scholars Program funds and facilitates high-level student research with Colby faculty at places like The Jackson Laboratory, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, among others.

Maine as a Lab

Partnerships with world-class institutions Bigelow Laboratory, Jackson Laboratory, and Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory allow students to gain experience pursuing oceanic, genomic, or biomedical research on the Maine coast.

Interdisciplinary Exploration

It’s the hallmark of the liberal arts experience: the opportunity to explore your interests broadly and to specialize in the field (or fields) of your interest. At Colby our centers, partners, and multidisciplinary curriculum give you the flexibility to always be discovering and the skills and connections you need to stake your path.

Lunder Institute for American Art

The Lunder Institute creates a unique space for scholarship, creative works, dialogue, and mentorship among visiting scholars and artists, Colby faculty and students, and the central Maine community. Anchored by the remarkable Lunder Collection, it facilitates global institutional exchange and trains future leaders in the field of American art through the Colby College Museum of Art and partner institutions.

Jocelyn Thomas '16, a research assistant at The Jackson Laboratory

Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation

This Colby Lab establishes a pipeline for ambitious and talented students from all backgrounds to pursue College-funded research, internship, and global opportunities to prepare for careers in biotechnology, biomedicine, ocean sciences, genomics, and bioinformatics.

Buck Lab for Climate and Environment

This Colby Lab will connect students from disciplines across the curriculum to organizations in Maine and beyond focused on environmental sustainability and climate change. Students will conduct research on Maine’s coast, lakes, and forests, working closely with faculty to understand changes to complex systems and their far-flung effects.

Emily Post '15 interdisciplinary computation

Interdisciplinary Computation

Combine the study of computer science with a variety of fields across the curriculum and gain tailored expertise in the way cutting-edge technologies can affect and shape our knowledge of the world.

Center for the Arts and Humanities

Through Colby’s annual humanities themes, innovative courses promote experiential learning by incorporating hands-on observation, experimentation, and skill-building perspectives more commonly associated with the natural sciences. Courses across the humanistic disciplines turn the Colby Museum of Art, Special Collections in Miller Library, and locations across Maine into laboratories.

Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs

The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement brings Colby students, faculty, and staff together to make connections between work in the classroom and contemporary political, economic, social and environmental issues. Founded in 2003 with a generous gift from Colby Trustee William Goldfarb ’68, P ’00, the center aims to link the Colby community with local, state, national, and international leaders to explore creative, interdisciplinary approaches to complex challenges.

Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights

The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights was established in 1998 by a generous grant from the Oak Foundation. Each year, it hosts an Oak Human Rights Fellow to teach and conduct research while residing at the College. The Institute organizes lectures and other events centered around the fellow’s area of expertise.

Dual-Degree Engineering

Interested in engineering but want to attend a liberal arts college? At Colby you can do both. Our dual-degree programs allow you to graduate from Colby and obtain an engineering degree from either Dartmouth College or Columbia University.

The Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The first cross-disciplinary institute for artificial intelligence at a liberal arts college, the Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence will facilitate faculty and student research using rich datasets with real-world consequences.

Worldwide Connections

At Colby you’ll be a resident of Maine, but a citizen of the world. An international student body makes campus a global gathering place, and nearly 70 percent of students choose to live and learn abroad. You’ll choose among 200 programs in more than 60 countries—for a semester or for a year or for the month of January. Through cultural immersion, you’ll learn how to navigate a world with rapidly shifting boundaries.

Global Entry Semester

It’s a novel idea: start your college adventure across the Atlantic as part of our innovative experiences for first-year students in Salamanca, Spain, or Dijon, France. Take challenging courses. Learn Spanish or French through total immersion. Live with a local family. Travel extensively. See the sights. Savor the culture. Soak in the opportunity to pack years of personal and intellectual growth into a single semester.