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Life is a series of important decisions. At Colby you’ll never have to make them alone. Whether picking classes in your first year, choosing a major, finding the perfect internship, or nailing your dream job interview, you’ll be guided by advisors who know you, professors who believe in you, and career counselors with the knowledge and connections to get you ready for the big stage.

Student and Alumni Success


A global experience is essential—and guaranteed—for every Colby student. Students should also experience a lively international culture on campus. Colby’s innovative DavisConnects program supports internships, research, and global experiences. It attracts the finest students and faculty from around the planet and provides opportunities and experiences to educate the next generation of global leaders.


Fortune 500 companies, global nonprofits, and leading firms that recruit on-campus. Within six months of graduation, 94 percent of the Class of 2020 were either employed or in graduate or professional school.


A host of resources (including internships and job shadowing) help students thrive in application processes while maintaining the flexibility to enhance their medical or law practice by pursuing a broad liberal arts education. Colby’s five-year medical school acceptance rate is nearly double the national average.


Employers expect applicants to show up for an interview with experience on their résumés. So we do everything we can to help students land internships, make meaningful connections, and gain professional know-how. Our professors, alumni, and Career Center counselors will help you find, land, and fund internship experiences in your area interest—and even get academic credit for them.

Alumni Successes

They succeed for a reason. They worked hard to get to Colby in the first place. They gained broad, informed perspectives in their journey through the liberal arts and sciences. They logged valuable experience in the lab and global classroom. They land jobs at leading companies and organizations, win prestigious postgraduate fellowships, and earn advanced degrees at the world’s leading universities. They’re leaders and influencers who nevertheless take time to give back to current students.

Learn more about their successes in Colby Magazine or our Outcomes Report

They Care What You Eat

They Care What You Eat

With ingredients from the classroom, Colbians are helping to shape a new Maine, on the farm, in the sea, at the restaurant table.

Emily Post

Logging on to the Future

Opportunities beckon for the first graduates of Colby’s interdisciplinary computation majors.

Edwin Torres

Closer to Home

New York Times freelance photographer Edwin Torres ’12 discovers a life-changing perspective.

Peter Agelasto

Eyeing Past, Present, and Future

Peter Agelasto ’96 thinks like an archaeologist to help Bob Dylan and others preserve their legacies.


Ticket to Havana

Carey Powers ’14 turns a decade-long “obsession” into a labor of love.

Mike Choate

Matters of Life and Death

Helicopter paramedic Mike Choate ’97 flies to the rescue.

Devin O’Brien

Out of the Scrum, Success

The Memphis Inner City Rugby program was born of responsibilities emphasized on Mayflower Hill.

Haolu "Lulu" Wang

Change of Direction

Haolu “Lulu” Wang ’10 traded finance for the lens of filmmaking.