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Waitlist FAQ

What does being placed on the waitlist mean?

If you received a waitlist decision, we believe you have the potential to succeed at Colby. However, due to the competitive nature of the applicant pool and our need to carefully manage the number of students enrolling, we are unable to admit all qualified candidates. It is our intention to admit students from the waitlist provided we have space available in the class.

Is the waitlist ranked?

No. If space becomes available in the Class of 2025, we will evaluate each student based on the overall strength of their application and their wish to remain active on the waitlist.

What is the likelihood of being admitted from the waitlist?

It is very difficult to predict. Our ability to make offers depends on the number of admitted students who enroll, which varies from year to year.

What other materials should I submit?

In addition to submitting the Waitlist Response Form by May 1, we encourage you to send us an email emphasizing your interest in Colby. You may also send us updated grades or new information about academic or extracurricular accomplishments to [email protected].

If I am admitted from the waitlist, will housing or course selection be affected?

No. Being admitted from the waitlist will not affect your housing assignment or course selections.

If I am admitted from the waitlist, am I still eligible for financial aid?

Any student who is admitted from the waitlist and qualifies for need-based aid will receive a financial aid package that meets 100 percent of their demonstrated need without student loans. If your financial circumstances have changed since you initially applied and you no longer require financial aid, you are encouraged to send an update to [email protected] and [email protected].

When will I hear whether or not I am admitted from the waitlist?

Should there be room for us to admit additional students for the fall semester on campus or to the Global Entry Semester programs, we will notify students as soon as possible. If you have to reserve your place at another institution by May 1, you should do so since an offer of admission to Colby from the waitlist may not happen until after that date. If you are admitted from our waitlist and choose to enroll, you will forfeit your deposit at the other college.

If I am offered admission from the waitlist, may I defer my enrollment?

When we offer admission to students on the waitlist, we do so to fill available spaces in the Class of 2025. As a result, we do not typically honor requests for deferrals from students admitted from the waitlist.