admissions-abroad-Indiajanplan1Want to spend a semester studying in Australia or conducting marine research on the coast of Maine? You can. At Colby, financial aid is portable to all qualified off-campus study programs. If you qualify for aid, you can use it for a number of different opportunities, including Colby’s academic programs in Dijon (France), St. Petersburg (Russia), Salamanca (Spain), and Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay, Maine.

In recent years, students have also used their financial aid for:

  • University study in countries such as Canada, France, Brazil, Australia, and Nepal
  • Domestic exchange programs including Claremont-McKenna, Howard, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps
  • The Williams College-Mystic Seaport program
  • The Woods Hole Sea Semester program
  • Study and internships in Washington, D.C.

The staff in the Student Financial Services office works closely with students who want to use financial aid for off-campus academic opportunities. They carefully evaluate each aid application and consider necessary personal expenses and currency exchange rates. In some cases they will offer a loan to replace work-study income that the student won’t earn while off campus.