In order to increase the number of interviews conducted annually, we’ve selected top Colby students to join the admissions interview team. The combination of personal experience as current students and professional training with our staff makes them outstanding interviewers.

Amanda O’Malley ’14

DSC_0044_1Lincoln, MA
Milton Academy, Milton, MA
Major/Minor: Global Studies / East Asian Studies

I am a Global Studies and East Asian Studies double major. This past spring, I studied and worked abroad in Shanghai. Currently, I work for the Global Studies department and lead the Colby Sportsmen Club. I’ve made some of my best memories at Colby exploring the great outdoors of Maine with my friends, whether it is going up to Sugarloaf to ski for the day, snowshoeing in the Arboretum on campus, or ice fishing in the Belgrade Lakes during the chilly winters. Despite having a daunting plan to write a yearlong honors thesis on rising social entrepreneurship in China, I am excited for my senior year and I hope to continue pursuing my interests in international business and economic development after graduation.

Sammy Draper ’14

DSC_0070Lake Forest, Illinois
Lake Forest High School
Major: English

My name is Sammy Draper, and I am an English major and Environmental Studies minor. On campus, I work at the Writers’ Center as a tutor and thoroughly enjoy working with students to improve their writing skills. If I’m not at the Writers’ Center, I can frequently be found in the vegetarian-friendly dining hall, Foss, or discussing books and ideas with professors or friends. This past semester I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and cannot recommend the experience highly enough. I also love animals, and occasionally walk the dogs at Waterville’s Humane Society. When I graduate from Colby, I hope to pursue a career in publishing and fully utilize the skills I gained from my liberal arts education.

Bette Ha ’14

DSC_0022Brooklyn, New York
Stuyvesant High School (New York)
Major/Minor: East Asian Studies/Anthropology

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents has given me a wonderful perspective on diversity that I am lucky to share with the Colby College campus. One of my favorite things about Colby is the communal encouragement to study, do research, or develop professionally abroad, opportunities that I have been able to embrace multiple times while at Colby. I have been very involved in the Asian Student Association as part of their executive board. As part of an East Asian Studies research team, I conducted interviews in China to find emerging eldercare trends in China. I also volunteered through our Colby Volunteer Center (CVC) at a daycare in downtown Waterville. I am looking forward to a wonderful 2013-2014 academic year as a senior admissions intern, as well as he hard-earned completion of my thesis papers for my majors.

Monique Kelly ’14

DSC_0077_1Oyster Bay, New York
Portledge School (New York)
Majors/Minors: Science, Technology, and Society/Administrative Science; Environmental Studies

My name is Monique Kelly, and I am an eager senior ready to take on my last year at Colby. I’m from Oyster Bay, NY and went to Portledge School in Locust Valley, NY for high school. I’m a Science, Technology, and Society major and a double Environmental Science and Administrative Science (Business) minor. At Colby, I serve on the executive board for EnviroCo, am on the publicity committee for Student Government, am a mentor for Colby Cares about Kids, and am a part of Colby’s Entrepreneur Alliance. In my spare time, I love dancing in the Hip Hop Crew, taking photos in the Photography club, playing intramural sports in iPlay, and skiing up at Sugarloaf with Colby FreeRide.

Annalisa Tester ’14

DSC_0037Minneapolis, Minnesota
Breck School (Minnesota)
Major/Minor: Human Development/Education

If someone had told me in high school that I was going to have the most fulfilling, inspiring and exciting four years of my life at a small liberal arts college tucked in the middle of Maine, I would have never believed them! At Colby, I was able to pursue my interest in education policy and anthropology not only through teaching and mentorship opportunities in Waterville, but through a sophomore year Jan Plan working at a malnutrition clinic in Uganda, and an incredible Junior semester abroad in Denmark, studying children and education in a multicultural context. I have developed close relationships with faculty members who have guided my passions and supported my ventures. Outside of academics, I am captain of the women’s varsity crew team, a freshman orientation leader, and a mentor in the Waterville public school system. My goal as a Senior Admissions Intern is to help students figure out what Colby can offer them in their next four years and whether it is the right fit for them.

Julia Prezioso ’14

DSC_0059JBethesda, Maryland
Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School (Washington, D.C.)
Major: Global Studies

Hi! I’m Julia Prezioso a Senior Global Studies Major with a concentration in Economic Policy. At Colby, I have served as a member of Class Council for Student Government, led COOT as an orientation leader, worn the Mule mascot costume to football games as Mule Mob co-president and volunteered in a local middle school as a CCAK mentor. I studied abroad with Colby in Sicily, spending the month taking Italian I and cooking and once again for Junior Spring in Sevilla, Spain studying Spanish. When I’m not on campus, you can find me hiking Mt. Katahdin with friends, swimming, biking or running or testing my legal skills at the Waterville District Court with my internship for a judge.

E. Grace Reville ’14

DSC_0015Stamford, Connecticut
Academy of Our Lady of Mercy (Connecticut)
Major/Minor: Environmental Studies: Science / Biology

Hailing from Stamford, CT, I am an Environmental Studies (Science) major with a passion for environmentalism. As part of Colby’s Environmental Coalition (EnviroCo), I work to improve campus sustainability efforts through a collaboration among students, faculty and staff. I am also involved in Colby’s Organic Farming and Gardening Association (COFGA) and was a campus tour guide for admissions. In my free time, I can be found biking around campus, skiing at Sugarloaf or hiking in one of Maine’s many state parks. I spent the fall of my junior year as part of the inaugural semester at Bigelow Laboratories in Boothbay, ME and then studied marine ecology in Zanzibar, Tanzania for the spring semester. Both off campus experiences propelled my academic and personal development in immeasurable ways and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do both. After Colby, I hope to use everything I’ve learned on (and off) Mayflower Hill to pursue a career in natural resource management or sustainable development.

Renzo Moyano ’14

DSC_0091Manhattan, New York
Beacon School (New York)
Major/Minor: Anthropology / Environmental Studies

I am fascinated by biological and cultural diversity and I think I know why. I grew up in Manhattan for most of my life, but before that, my parents and I lived in Venezuela, where I was born. My mother being Colombian, my father Ecuadorian, and my sister being born in the U.S., we make up an unusually international nuclear family. And yes, I go to college in Maine. My experiences in different parts of the world have made me appreciate the pros of living in a megacity like NYC and in small towns like Waterville. At Colby, I have been a co-president of the Environmental Coalition and the Musicians’ Alliance clubs. My junior year consisted of academic and experiential learning in Peru during the first semester and then Ecuador for the second. I am excited for what senior year will bring, including my position as a senior admissions intern.

Kristy Glasheen ’14

DSC_0002Townsend, Massachusetts
North Middlesex Regional High School
Majors: Spanish and Global Studies

I first fell in love with Colby during a day visit back in the fall of my senior year of high school. Following around a freshman to all of her classes and being introduced to her friends over lunch, I was convinced that I wanted to be a part of the Colby Community as well. Throughout my time at Colby I have been involved in various clubs and activities such as Model UN, Colby Dancers, and Alternative Spring Break. Last year, however, I decided to trade in my Bean Boots for nine months of study abroad in sunny Córdoba, Spain. Back on campus for my senior year, I am looking forward to staying busy with thesis writing, my work in Admissions, and beginning to think about the “real world” after Colby.

Adele Priestley ’14

DSC_0011Stowe, Vermont
Stowe High School & Mt.
Majors/Minors: English / Education; Italian

My name is Adele and I’m an English major, Education and Italian double minor. Originally from Vermont, some of my favorite things to do are ski, bike, and enjoy the outdoors. Besides working in Admissions, I’m also involved in our orientation program (COOT), the Mule Mob (a school spirit club), Colby Freeride, and the Hip Hop Crew. After spending two summers teaching English in Italy, I’m hoping to teach abroad after graduation as well as someday receiving my Masters in English.

Yana Mayayeva ’14

DSC_0045Queens, New York
Bronx High School of Science
Major: Government

One of my favorite things about attending Colby is the sense of community that permeates the school. The friendly faces create a supportive environment that best facilitates critical engagement and involvement. Some of the activities I’m a part of are being a liaison between the Hardy Girls Healthy Women Board of Directors and Colby, in addition to being on the Student Advisory Board of the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement. I am also the Editor-in-chief of Outside Colby, a political opinion publication that started up my freshman year to spark political discourse on campus. In my free time, I can often be found hanging out with friends at Foss or making the most of the beautiful Maine outdoors.

Katia Licea ’14

Katia_0724_2San Jose, California
Willow Glen High School
Major: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Spanish

I am a first generation student and one of 8 siblings. Being at Colby has given me great opportunities to branch out and have new and exciting experiences. Through my Spanish major I was able to study abroad in Spain this past spring semester. During the regular school year I work as a community advisor, participate in Colby Cares About Kids and our campus club Students Organized for Black and Hispanic Unity. I have also worked as a tour guide for admissions and as an assistant for the Financial Aid secretary. After Colby I hope to continue my education and study law, focusing on international gender affairs.

Kelsey Cromie ’14


Morristown, New Jersey

Morristown High School
Major/Minor: Human Development/Anthropology

Some of my favorite moments at Colby have been spent chatting with friends on the Miller Library Steps, and I love the fact that the student body tends to congregate there on any warm afternoon.  When I spent the fall of 2012 abroad in Chile and Argentina learning about education and social change I began to make connections between things I had learned inside of Colby classrooms and events happening around the world.  In 2012 my professor decided to collaborate with our entire class to write a book.  I’ve been working on the process ever since and have grown as a student with the ability to conduct research as an undergraduate.  Outside of the classroom I’m on the varsity swim team, I’m an admissions tour guide, and I will be serving on the Student Government Association executive board this year. In my free time I can often be found baking in one of the kitchens on campus, reading by the pond, or exploring coastal Maine with my friends.

Jack Nivison ’14

Jack_0694_1Winslow, Maine
Winslow High School
Majors: Creative Writing, Government

Hello all! One of my favorite things I’m involved in is Colby Cares About Kids (even when the elementary school student I mentor paints my face, arms, and neck before a 2 and a half hour class). I also write movie reviews for the Colby Echo. I coach freshman boys’ basketball at Winslow High School, and I’m a student supervisor at Miller Library. When I’m not in the classroom or at work, you’ll most likely find me at the movie theater catching the latest film, talking about the latest Red Sox game, playing campus golf, or nose deep in a new book. Although I could be just rereading the Harry Potter series for the tenth time.