Bequest Documentation Form

The Colby Willows Society recognizes alumni and friends of the College who have made a provision for Colby in their estate plans. These gifts have been the cornerstone of Colby’s financial success and stability, and the College is deeply grateful to each Willows Society member for this special expression of loyalty and support.

Please complete this form to signify your bequest intention. The information you provide to Colby will remain completely confidential unless you authorize the College to publicize your gift. Colby understands that all bequest provisions are revocable and that any intentions stated here are not binding on you or your estate. Thank you for your generosity.

Bequest Provision Description
Please briefly describe the provision(s) that you have made to include Colby in your estate plans. You may make a bequest using a will or a trust or by naming Colby as a beneficiary of retirement assets or a life insurance policy. Please fill out the form below and click "Send" at the foot of the page to document your bequest.