Below you will find a partial listing of just some of the archaeology field schools in the Americas that can be considered for the Elfrieda Frank Scholars Archaeology summer program. Additional opportunities can be found by searching the following website:

**The Archaeological Institute of America

This site lists field schools geographically — click on the map to find opportunities in locations that interest you.

A very partial list of summer field schools:

Institute for Field Research (this website links to numerous archaeological programs around the world; look for programs in the Americas) –

San Miguel de Piura archaeology field school –

Foothill Ecuador Program –

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Colorado –

Northern Great Basin Archaeology Field School, U. Oregon

Preservation Virginia and the University of Virginia, Jamestown Field School – a Colby alumnus is a staff archaeologist on this dig and Colby students have worked here in the past.

Wichita State University, Etzanoa Summer Field School

University of Wyoming Summer Field School –