Every semester the Anthropology Department accepts a few courses offered in other departments as electives for the Major or Minor. These courses are listed in the Catalogue and also on Curriculum Search. Although students must enroll in these courses through the course’s own home department, they do count for Anthropology. Check with your advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

Similarly, every year Anthropology offers a number of courses that count (or can be petitioned to count) as electives in one or more of the College’s interdisciplinary programs. These interdisciplinary offerings vary from year to year so be sure to check with the different programs that interest you.  Here is a list of some interdisciplinary programs and the Anthropology courses that may serve as electives in them. While we believe this list is accurate, please check with the relevant programs to make sure your course selections will count.

African-American Studies
AY/AA 231 Caribbean Cultures
AY/AA 258 Anthropology, History, Memory
AY/AA 263 Black Joy
AY 316 African World-Making
AY/AA 341 African Diaspora
AY/AA 344 Black Radical Imaginations
AY/AA 421 Anthropology of Creativity

American Studies
AY 263 Black Joy
AY 344 Black Radical Imaginations

East Asian Studies
AY 254 Global-Local Asia

*Environmental Studies (may require a petition – check with your ES advisor)
AY 221 Of Beasts, Pets, and Wildlife
AY 229 Climate Change
AY 253 Cultural Perspectives on Global Economies
AY 256 Land, Food, Culture, Power
AY 365 Space, Place, and Belonging
AY 464 Anthropology of Food

Global Studies
Note: almost all AY courses (with the exception of AY313 and AY333) can count toward GS electives, core, or seminar requirements. Please check with the Global Studies program for any courses you are not sure about.

Latin American Studies
AY 365 Space, Place, and Belonging

Religious Studies
AY 244 Spirits, Specters, and Global Divinities
AY 246 Religion and Everyday Life in Muslim Societies
AY 316 African World-Making: Religion and Social Change in Africa

Science, Technology, and Society
AY 112 Cultural Anthropology
AY 256 Land, Food, Culture, Power
AY 341 African Diaspora

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
AY 263 Black Joy
AY 297 Freedom and Captivity: Documentary Storytelling
AY 346 Carcerality and Abolition
AY 373 Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality
AY 3xx Mediating Whiteness
AY 3xx Toxicity