Good research and writing skills are essential tools for all students. Colby’s Farnham Writers’ Center is an important resource to help you become the best writer you can be. The librarians in Miller Library are ready to assist you in finding relevant research materials. See also this link to advice for using the Colby Library research databases for Anthropology related topics. Finally, be aware of your responsibilities for academic honesty: familiarize yourself with Colby’s guide to plagiarism and how to avoid it.

In addition to these campus resources, the Anthropology Department has compiled below some useful links for course-based assignments and independent research projects.

Citations and References; IRB

The AAA has officially adopted the Chicago Manual of Style as the preferred style for Anthropological texts.  Here is a link to the Manual:

Students are often uncertain about the proper form of citations; Anthropology, like many disciplines, has its own preferred styles for formatting references in research papers.

  • Download the Department’s Anthro-style Guide for proper citations and bibliographic references.
  • Your professor may require IRB approval for some research projects if they involve human subjects. You can download a model for the Anthropology IRB-application here.

Other Research and Writing Guides