Field School Summer Grant Program

Archaeology in the Americas

The grant program covers tuition and related expenses for students seeking to enroll in a summer archaeological field school. Students with documented need may also apply for a stipend to cover living expenses and potential lost wages. Eligible field schools are limited to those supporting archaeological research in the Americas, with preference given to programs focused on Native American sites (including North, South, and Central America). This program is made possible by a generous grant from the Elfrieda Frank Foundation. All applications will go through the DavisConnects webpage (see instructions below).

All Colby students are eligible to apply (please note: graduating seniors are eligible but will be funded only after other applications are considered). No previous experience with archaeology is required to apply for this program (although some field schools may require previous experience). Students will be responsible for making the application to the relevant field school and for providing that program with all necessary information and documentation.

The number of grants available is limited and not all applicants may be funded. If you are applying for a field school experience of 4 weeks or longer, please note that proposed budgeted expenses (program cost + travel) that exceed $5000 will need to be thoroughly justified and may not be fully funded; for programs of 1-3 weeks, the same restrictions will apply to proposed budgets exceeding $3000.

You will be responsible for making the necessary application and fulfilling all requirements for enrollment in the field school. Remember, eligible field schools are limited to those conducting archaeological research in the Americas (North, Central, South).

By applying for and accepting (if offered) an Elfrieda Frank Field School Summer Grant, you agree to write a report that will be made available to the donor.


There are many eligible field schools for this grant, some of which are listed here, as well as links to help you research other possibilities.


Applications for the Elfreida Frank Scholarships are currently closed. Check with Colby’s DavisConnects for information about future availability. Applications for summer field schools should be made in the Spring semester and will follow the normal DavisConnects application process. Please visit that DavisConnects funding page to prepare all essay questions and application materials. Qualified applicants will then be asked to answer the following questions:

  • 1)   Describe your interest in learning about archaeology and archaeological methods. If relevant, please describe any previous experience in the field of archaeology (250 Word Max).
  • 2)  Please detail any prior coursework or other experiences that are relevant to your interest in archeology or to the specific field school (250 Word Max).
  • 3)  Identify the specific field school(s) to which you plan to apply. Students will be supported for only one field school experience; however, given that some schools fill up early, you may wish to select up to two schools as alternates. You will be asked in the application to list the names, the particular interest in the specific field schools, list the websites, the program start and end dates, and to upload a budget for each alternate.