Clearly a major improvement in performance.


However, some cleanup is needed… open an new tab and be annoyed:

ugly and annoying, neh? looks like safari with extra adds!


Click on the gear (upper right) and be presented with:


Deselect all the you want to be rid off:



And a clean day is had by all your new tabs and windows!

With the very rapid uptake of R in many fields, its limitations in distributed or large system architecture has been a hurdle in a number of fields (eg: Bioinformtics, Environmental Sciences, Economics). Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) has picked up on this challenge.

They have been working onbgdR. There is a clear explanation of their priorities and plans in the April 2017 issue of HPCWire.

These extensions are seemlessly available on all nodes of today.

This is my presentation to ITS about the current state of HPC here at Colby.

The intention with this blog space within the nsc site is to jot down quick notes.

If the note proves useful, I will add the content within the regular portion of the site, such as in FAQs, software or HPC.