Paul J. Schupf Computational Laboratory (3D view)

The  Paul J. Schupf Scientific Computing Center was founded with gifts from Colby trustee Paul J. Schupf and a grant from the National Science Foundation*. The laboratory has a Planar 8 panel visualization wall with 25 27″ iMacs each connected with a dedicated 10gig network port.  This gives them high performance connections to the Linux compute cluster for scheduling and managing computing jobs on the central compute engine, an intel based 29 node. 810 core with dual P100 NVIDIA GPUs HPC compute cluster.  Scientific applications/packages for computing and visualization (Gaussian and Gaussview, WebMOMOE, Mathematica, R, python, Spartan, VMD and MATLAB. Just to name a few) are made available.  Students are introduced to scientific computing and visualization during their first year at Colby. The graphics power of the workstations in hands-on exercises helps beginning students explore and visualize data in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, statistics, physics and astronomy.

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