If you have your git repositories scattered from here to Zanzabar, you might consider using git.colby.edu. It is designed for private as well as group or class based repositories. If you wish to get your own repository and access to the server send an email [email protected]


A bit of good documentation to start can be found at the git novice training from the Software Carpentry group. Another good resource, but from the enterprise implementation level from Atlassian about why we should use git (ignore the bitbucket sales pitch).


You should also take a look at (Colby College only!) online safari book access and the text on Version Control with Git.


How do I make it work?

You will need two terminals for this.

Change <colbyid> to your short form colby email (without the @colby.edu!)



In Terminal number one


ssh <colbyid>@git.colby.edu

cd /git/repositories/<colbyid>

git init

mkdir example.git

cd example.git

git —bare init


in Terminal number two

mkdir example
cd example
git init
touch readme
git add readme
git commit -m ‘firstĀ  try’
git remote add origin ssh://<colbyid>@git.colby.edu/git/repositories/colbyid/example.git
git push origin master


Go back and explore what you find in git.colby.edu:/git/repositories/colbyid/example.git


git show