Art Department


Colby’s Art Department offers some of the best opportunities in the country for blossoming artists and art historians—brand new studios, collaboration with world-class professors, and the chance to work with one of the nation’s premier collections of American art.

The Department of Art offers an integrated curriculum of studio and art history courses that teach students how to engage in creative artistic practices and think critically about images in the world. All art courses assume that images are embedded in artistic, social, political, and cultural contexts. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

In studio courses, students express ideas and experiences through the creation of original artworks. They acquire a thorough knowledge of the processes and vocabulary associated with the mediums of painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Students also develop problem-solving skills and the capacity for aesthetic judgment in order to express themselves in a creative visual language.

In art history, students translate visual experience into written and oral expression. Students gain familiarity with historical traditions, research and curatorial skills, and art historical literature while engaging with images and ideas in the classroom and interacting with objects in the Colby College Museum of Art and in collections on and off campus.

In addition, the Department of Art supports students across the College interested in pursuing courses of study and future careers in the fields of design and architecture. The department offers instruction in 2D and 3D design, architectural history, and a variety of topics related to art and the environment.