The Carpenter lecture fund was established by Jacqueline K. Davidson, alumna of Colby College, to honor Professor James Carpenter (1914-1992). It is Mrs. Davidson’s goal to recognize Professor Carpenter’s deep and lasting impact on her and on the College, as the founder and first Director of the Colby College Museum of Art and the first Chair of the Art Department. Professor Carpenter was also the first to hold the Ellerton and Edith Jetté Professorship in Art.

Lectures in this series:

2023: Angela Lorenz, “Serving Up History with Faux Food and Artists’ Games: Works by Angela Lorenz”

2020: Aruna D’Souza, (Postponed due to Covid-19) 2022: Aruna D’Souza, “Towards a Solidarity Not Dependent on Knowing”

2017: María Magdalena Campos-Pons, “Llego FeFa. Remedios II”

2012: Janet Marquardt, “Making Medieval Modern”

2011: Larry Nees, “Reading and Seeing: The Beginnings of Book Illumination and the Modern Discourse on Ethnicity”

2009: (March) Kathryn Rudy Kathryn Rudy, “How Medieval Nuns Invented the Postcard.”

2009: (October) Kevin Salatino, “Fuseli’s Phallus: Drawing Sex in 18th-Century Rome”; Kathryn Rudy

2008: Tom Gunning, “Visible, Invisible, Still and Moving: Thresholds of Film and Photography”

2006: Linda Docherty, “The Art of Isabella Stewart Gardner”

2005: Larry Silver, “The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Imitating Artworks, East and West”

2003: Richard Shiff, “Unfinished and Abstracted: Paul Cezanne, Twentieth-Century Painter in Spite of Himself”