The Print and Digital Media curriculum is guided by conceptual exploration and the development of technical expertise. A range of print processes are offered: relief (linoleum, woodcut, jig saw and laser cut wood blocks), copper intaglio, polyester plate lithography, monoprint, and collagraph. At Colby we are committed to incorporating emerging technologies and techniques that push the boundaries of printmaking and create a safe environment.

The Print and Digital Media studio has three high-quality printing presses. The space is equipped to support “green” printmaking practices that create a safe work environment for Colby students. Students also have access to design software and laser printers in the Bixler Art & Music Library’s Media Lab. A short walk from the studio is Colby’s Mule Works Innovation Lab in Miller Library, which is equipped with a Pro Series Full Spectrum Laser Cutter and a 3D scanner and printer.


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