The following information is being provided to students, head coaches and faculty members and is intended to summarize college policies and guidelines on missed class time due to athletic contests.

NCAA and Colby Rules

  • NCAA and Colby rules state that students are not permitted to miss a class for a practice.
  • Colby rules state that students are permitted to miss a class for a contest but only at the discretion of the professor of that class.

Professor’s Obligations

  • Individual professors determine whether students may be excused from classes or scheduled course events.
  • The professor’s attendance policy must be stated on the syllabus and/or web site for that class at the beginning of the semester.
  • Professors are permitted to schedule up to four required class sessions within the “zone” of 4-7 p.m.  The zone is generally reserved for extra-curricular activities (lectures, meetings, rehearsals, practices, events etc).  All required classes (dates and times) must be included on the course syllabus.
  • Faculty are encouraged to contact the head coach or the Athletic Director with any questions or issues that arise. Athletics Staff >

Coach’s Obligations

  • Coaches are instructed to provide practice and game schedules, including departure times for away contests, to all members of the team prior to the start of each season. For fall sports, students should have this information by the Friday of the first week of classes. For winter and spring sports, students should receive this information as soon as possible after tryouts are completed.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to help each student athlete understand that academic life has priority over all other aspects of life at Colby, including athletics.

Student’s Obligations

  • Once students obtain their game schedules and departure times for away contests, they should compare their athletic schedule with their class schedule and any other scheduled class events to identify any overlapping commitments.
  • After reviewing the professor’s attendance policy and, if any, class participation policy, the student needs to communicate with the professor directly and as soon as possible about any scheduled class events he or she is seeking permission to miss. It is recommended that students speak to their professor(s) in person and notinitiate these discussions through, for example, email. These conversations should occur during the first several days of the semester.
  • Students are responsible for any work missed.
  • Students on academic probation cannot be excused from any class for extracurricular events, including athletic contests.