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Recreational Flag Football


Schedule & Standings



o   Games will be played on the Alfond Football Field, rain or shine. Days are Sunday-Tuesday, or according to the schedule.

o   If you cannot make it to a game with a complete team, you need to call the other captain and the ref two days in advance. Any changes requested after that may result in a forfeit.


o   Field is 40 or 50 yards long, with two 10-yard end zones

o   Between 25 and 30 yards across



o   7 on 7

o   Offense needs three linemen, who are ineligible to leave the line of scrimmage. Tight ends must raise their hand to designate downfield eligibility

o   Defense needs two linemen, who cannot drop deeper than two yards back.

o   Substitutions: if teams need to make substitutions, there is a 5 second grace period before the ball is snapped allowing each side to get set

o   If a recreational team does not meet the gender requirement (e.g. 6 males, zero females), it can play with 6 players, but must play with only 2 receivers.

o   In all other cases, if a team doesn't have 7 players, it can play with 6 players (two offensive linemen, 1 defensive lineman). If a team has five or fewer players it must forfeit

o   A player must be present for at least 50% of regular season games in order to be eligible to play in a ny post-season game(s) their team may have.  

o   A participant must only play for one iPlay Flag Football team for the duration of the fall Flag Football season.  


o   Coin toss to start the game (winner can choose to kick, receive, or defer)

o   Two 20 minutes halves, running clock.

o   During playoffs, clock will stop in the final minute of the game if within 8 pts.

o   During playoffs, teams get one time out, which is 1 minute long

o   There is a 20 second play clock. Don't stall!

o   Since refs will not spot the ball, the offense should check with the defense to see if it is ready

o   If second half ends in a tie, ONE overtime will be played. Each team has one untimed overtime drive beginning on the 25 yard line, with same rules as regulation time. If there is another team waiting to play next or if it is too dark out, refs will declare games tied after overtime will remain as ties.


Flags/out of bounds:

o   Only "clip" flags can be used. No belts.

o   DO NOT TIE THE FLAGS. This will cause them to get torn.

o   One flag must be on each hip, and T-SHIRTS CANNOT COVER ANY PART

o   No protecting flags with hands, but spinning and stiff arms are okay

o   You are down if: your flag is pulled, your flag falls off (if the QB's flag falls off in the backfield, he or she can be "touched" to be down), or if your knee/elbow/hip touches the ground.

o   College rules on catches: one foot in bounds is OK

o   Again, flags must be OVER your shirts



o   Kickoffs must be from the goal line

o   Punt rules apply on all kicks; ball isn't "live" unless it touches the return team; out of bounds is not a penalty

o   Punts and kickoffs must be drop kicked; no kicking off or throwing off

o   On 4th down, punts do not need to be "announced"

o   Touchbacks (if the ball enters the end zone without being touched by receiving team) will be placed at the 10 yard line


Rushing the QB/blitzing:

o   5 Mississippi count (must be called out loud)

o   One blitz per set of downs (must be called out loud)

o   QB cannot rush unless rushed on blitz or 5 count

o   If QB fumbles, defense can rush without 5-counting or using a blitz

o   Once a handoff occurs, defense can rush

o   Extra points: no blitzes or handoffs; QB can still rush when rushed



o   Touchdown is 6 points

o   1 point conversion after TD is from the 3 yard line

o   2 point conversion after TD is from the 10 yard line

o   Either can be returned by the defense (int./fumble) for 2 points

o   "Onside kick": Team must convert extra point from own 10 yard line (30-40 yards from end zone). If converted, team gets 2 points and automatic possession at own 10 yard line. Onside kick can only be converted if team is trailing. If failed, normal kickoff ensues

o   Mercy rule: If a team is trailing by 25 points or more at halftime, the game will end, unless both captains would like to continue playing.


Penalties: refs may be lenient, but if infractions are blatant, penalties will be called.

o   2 yd penalties: off sides, delay of game (2 in a row includes loss of down), not enough defensive linemen,

o   5 yd penalties: pass interference, ineligible downfield, holding, clipping, unnecessary roughness

o   DO NOT TIE YOUR FLAGS. The belts are designed to fall off. This is a 10 yard penalty

o   If there is an incredibly unnecessary rough play by some players, the ref can demand that those players leave the field for any or all of the game. The players will generally but not always be warned first


Recreational only rules:

o   Only one rush per set of downs

o   One player of each gender must be on the field at all times



If you have any questions about these rules, please contact the commissioners in charge of Flag Football