What makes this program unique?

Find out from the experts here.

Who is eligible to participate in the semester-in-residence program?

Colby students and undergraduates from partner institutions may be eligible. Learn more here.

What semester is this program available?

This opportunity is available only in the fall, typically from early September to mid-December.

If I participate in this fall program, can I still study abroad in the spring?

Yes. Colby students in this program are automatically granted a full year of off-campus study without petition, if they so choose.

How many credits will I earn?

Students earn 16 credits through four four-credit courses. Credits toward the Colby biology, environmental studies, chemistry, and geology majors have been preapproved.

How are grades determined?

Grades are determined by Bigelow faculty and will be factored into the Colby GPA.

Where will I live?

Program participants live within walking distance of the lab in a fully furnished dormitory-style house. Learn more here.

What are the associated costs for the semester-in-residence program?

The fee for Colby programs off campus is equivalent to the comprehensive fee for Colby. (Program fees are also subject to any annual comprehensive fee increases.) Students are billed by Colby and are exempt from the $1,000 study-abroad fee. The fee covers tuition, room, a board allowance, and excursions. Books, insurance, laundry expenses, and personal travel are not included. A forfeitable deposit of $500 is due at the time of acceptance.

Is Colby financial aid applicable to the Bigelow program?

Yes, Colby financial aid is applied toward the cost of the program, just as it would be if a student were spending the semester on campus.

How do I apply?

Good question. You’ll find the answer here.

Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?

If you are a Colby student:

If you are NOT a Colby student:

  • Contact Benjamin Twining, director of research and education at Bigelow Laboratory.