Peter CountwayPeter Countway | Senior Research Scientist

“The Colby students who have worked in my lab have participated in cutting-edge molecular research to understand the diversity and function of microbes in the marine environment. Over the course of a semester, the students evolve into working research scientists and contribute greatly to research projects at the lab. It’s been truly inspirational to see how these students have gone on to translate their hands-on Bigelow research experiences to subsequent opportunities including positions in grad school, the biotech industry, and further opportunities within Bigelow and Colby.”

Matrai_MG_3951_MitchellPatricia Matrai | Senior Research Scientist

“The snappy, let’s-try-it attitude of my Colby students and mentees is extremely refreshing! Whether they’re in the lab measuring particle sinking rates, or early in the morning waiting for the incoming tide to flush past us in Lubec, or cursing at having to master a higher level of quantitative spreadsheets and graphs, their eyes go to defiant slits, followed by a joyous (and mostly silent) whoop, and they get it.”

Ben TwiningBen Twining | Senior Research Scientist

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to mentor Colby students. They provide a chance to explore new avenues of research, and they contribute their ideas, resulting in new projects and experiments. It’s also been gratifying to help them go on to new challenges after Colby and Bigelow Laboratory.”