Many possibilities exist for continued interaction with Bigelow Laboratory after a student completes the Changing Oceans semester program, including continued project work with senior research scientist mentors, future internships, opportunities for senior research projects in collaboration with the laboratory, and recommendations or advice for future academic pursuits from some of the top scientists in oceanography.

Kathryn Moore ’14

Kathryn Moore '14Staff Research Associate, University of California San Diego, Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment
Major: Chemistry-Environmental Science
Minor: Physics
Vienna, Virginia | Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

“My experiences at Bigelow, starting with the Colby semester program, helped me get to where I am now, mostly through the opportunity to continue conducting research during my junior and senior years at Colby. The semester program provided a hands-on, in-depth introduction to physical, chemical, and biological oceanography with a focus on lab, presentation, and research experience. I found the field techniques class and independent research aspects of the program to be the most valuable, providing not only a chance to conduct research with top scientists, but also multiple opportunities to present our findings to a critical audience that was familiar with the subject matter. My independent research project … led directly to spending the following summer at Bigelow, again working with senior research scientists Steve Archer and Patricia Matrai.”