Colby’s relationship with Bigelow means more Colby students are getting berths on research vessels.

For scientific blue-water cruises around the world, Bigelow scientists are strategically placed to offer positions on ships, and their Colby faculty contacts increasingly get to recommend top students. Here are some examples:

How Research Cruises Work

Kathryn Moore '14Kathryn Moore ’14
Staff Research Associate, University of California San Diego, Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment
Major: Chemistry-Environmental Science
Minor: Physics
Vienna, Virginia | Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

“The research cruise I just returned from also came out of my time at Bigelow. Dr. Nicole Poulton, who I worked with during the Colby semester program field techniques course, invited me to work as a technician during the three-week cruise on the R/V New Horizon. We left from Honolulu on September 19 and sampled across a transect from 18° N to 3° S, returning to Honolulu on October 7. I was working with a group that included Dr. Poulton (Bigelow), Dr. Wayne Slade (Sequoia Scientific, formerly of University of Maine), and Dr. Ivona Cetinic (UMaine’s Darling Marine Center), and we were primarily focused on measuring particulate organic carbon in the surface ocean as a way to ground-truth NASA satellite data.”

Whitney King

D. Whitney King
Miselis Professor of Chemistry

“Bigelow is aware that we want opportunities for our students and faculty to participate on those cruises, so I get phone calls. … That’s really how the cruise relationship works: it’s about forming collaborations with people who are doing cutting-edge oceanographic research and having a cohort of students who are knowledgeable or teachable. We need someone who’s going to get up at two in the morning, bring the water over the board, then do it right, filter it, and keep things moving. … By the nature of what they do, Bigelow’s scientists go to sea on a regular basis, and they are very good at keeping us in the loop in terms of the opportunities.”