The Biology major is designed to expose students to all levels of biology from biomolecules to populations and communities.  The major is a flexible one, allowing students to develop a course of study matching their particular interests.

The major requires eight courses in Biology (six with lab) including the gateway courses (The Cellular Basis of Life (BI163) and Evolution and Diversity (BI164)), one course in cellular or molecular biology, one field biology course, and two courses at the 300-level or above.  We also require a semester of calculus (MA121 or MA161) and a second course in either Mathematics or Computer Science, as well as completion of the introductory Chemistry coursework (either CH141/142 or CH147).

In addition to the standard Biology major, we offer four concentrations in Biology.  Students choosing the concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology/Biochemistry take additional courses in Chemistry.  Students opting for the Concentration in Ecology and Evolution focus on courses relevant to those fields of study.  Students pursuing the Concentration in Neuroscience take additional coursework in Psychology. A concentration in Computational Biology allows students to take additional classes in Computer Science.

A detailed listing of courses may be found here.

A checklist detailing the requirements of the standard Biology major and Concentrations can be downloaded here:

Biology Majors Checklist for classes 2025 and beyond

Biology Majors Checklist for classes 2024