Most instructors in Biology maintain a Moodle page as a web resource for their students. Each Moodle page is restricted to class members and therefore is not available for viewing beyond the Colby community. For descriptions of each course, please visit this link.


Course websites viewable by anyone

Biochemistry of Foods (BI197)

Human Anatomy and Physiology (BI265)

Woody Plants (BI237)

Introduction to Ecology (BI271)

Laboratory Guides for downloads

Immunology (BI225) Laboratories

Syllabi for many Biology courses

Islands and Evolution (BI129)

Cellular Basis of Life (BI163)

Evolution and Diversity (BI164)

Marine Invertebrate Zoology (BI254)

Winter Ecology (BI257)

Ornithology (BI334)

Marine Ecology (BI354)

Tropical Biology (Galápagos) (BI358)

Molecular Biology (BC378)


Link to Library Resources for Biology Subjects: