Alan Samuel Coit Biology Prize

This award was created in 1972 from an endowment given by Doctor Alan Samuel Coit. Doctor Coit graduated from Colby in 1969 as a biology major. He continued his study of medicine, later becoming a pediatrician. He donated the award to assist others in their studies of life sciences. The Alan Samuel Coit Prize recognizes students who have made extraordinary accomplishments and achieved a high level of excellence in their biology studies.

2022 – Emily van der Veen & Michael Yorsz

2021 – Youmian Yan

2020 – Xiaoyue (Mike) Zheng

2019 – Abby Gregory

2019 – Josefine Just

2019 – Caroline Lapp

2019 – Jenna Laidley

2018 – Jiaya Ye

2017 – Baturay Ayedmir

2016 – Amanda Corwin


Webster Chester Biology Prize

This award was created by the biology department in 1965 to recognize Professor Webster Chester.  Professor Chester, or “Bugsy” as he was more commonly known, studied at Colgate and Harvard before coming to Colby in 1903. When he arrived, the biology department did not officially exist. What did exist were seven overused microscopes. Professor Chester became a combination of teacher, carpenter, electrician and inventor. Due primarily to his efforts the college gave biology its own department and placed Professor Chester as its head. He remained the chair of biology until his retirement in 1948. The Webster Chester prize recognizes students who share Professor Chester’s dedication to biology and his love of science. It is awarded to students who have made extraordinary contributions to the biology department.

2022 – Julia Hutchings & Joseph Savage

2021 – Artricia Nou

2020 – Kiana Chabot

2020 – Louisa Goldman

2020 – Shu (Daisy) Dan

2019 – Collette Gould

2019 – Andrea Velasquez

2018 – Jane S. Swart

2017 – Anoush Longerstay

2017 – Rachel Prestigiacomo

2016 – Seth Butler


Thomas W. Easton Biology Prize

This award was created by the biology department in recognition of the contributions made to Colby by Professor Thomas W. Easton.  Professor Easton was born in 1921 in Bridgton, Maine and he began his studies at the University of Maine.  He received his doctorate from Brown University in 1951, and began teaching at Colby in 1960.  He taught a wide variety of courses, including anatomy, ecology, human evolution, invertebrate zoology, and introductory biology.  When asked what his most important contribution to science was, he replied, “I’ve turned out some good science students.” This prize recognizes a student who shows the love for teaching and biology that characterized Professor Easton’s career.  It is awarded to students who will make an important contribution to science teaching.

2022 – Gaby d’Empaire-Poirier & Jason Leong

2021 – Robin Green

2020 – Garrett Genco

2019 – Moeketsi Justice Mokobocho

2018 – Caitlin E. Lawlor

2018 – Julia M. Park

2017 – Hannah Insuik

2017 – Maddie Andrews

2016 – Jamaal Grant


The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award

This award provides a $15,000 stipend to a graduating college senior to pursue public service anywhere in the world. The award allows recipients to engage in a meaningful public service activity for one year before proceeding on to graduate school or a career. Please see the attached for more information. Samuel Huntington Public Service Award