Phi Beta Kappa Beta Chapter of Maine

We are pleased to announce the election of the following students in the classes of 2021 and 2022 to membership in the nation’s oldest and most respected undergraduate honor society.

Class of 2021

Catherine B. Biegel, Biology: Cell-Molecular Biology/Biochemistry

Taylor C. Glassman, Biology: Neuroscience

Alexandra R. Heisler, Biology: Neuroscience

Ye Jin Lee, Biology: Cell-Molecular Biology/Biochemistry

Catriona A. McIntyre, Biology: Neuroscience

Sarah E. Morgan, Biology: Neuroscience

Nina Raymo, Biology: Neuroscience

Hannah R. Richelieu, Biology

Dean D. Strup, Biology: Cell-Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, History

Alexa K. Urmaza, Biology, Government

Youmian Yan, Biology: Cell-Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, Chemistry

Liuqingqing Yang, Biology

Class of 2022

Jiwoo Kim, Biology, Mathematical Sciences

Emily Elizabeth van der Veen, Biology: Neuroscience

Yan Xuan, Biology: Ecology and Evolution

Michael C. Yorsz, Biology: Cell-Molecular Biology/Biochemistry