Colby Summer Data for East Pond

The data is in Excel format. You can download any of the workbooks by clicking on the appropriate title below. The workbook will appear on your desktop, along with another file used for translation. The file used in translation (ends with ".hqx") should be discarded. Clicking on it will cause an additional copy of the Excel file to be created.

Site 1 is the deepest hole, Site two in in 19 feet of water toward the two bays at the south end, and Site 3 is to the west of the large island near the Serpentine opening in 12 feet of water.

Data is being added as time goes on.

Chemical tests (updated 8Nov99)
Phosphorus (updated 4Nov99)
Temperature and Transparency
Transparency graph

Created by David Firmage on Wednesday, Sept 8, 1999.