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Facilities and Major Equipment Holdings
The following is a list of equipment that is representative of our holdings and
of the types of equipment that students might use during their biological studies.

Scanning Electron Microscope with X-ray microanalysis system
Transmission Electron Microscope
Epifluorescence Microscopes with cooled CCD camera
Phase Contrast Microscopes
Stereomicroscopes w/Video Camera and Photographic Accessories
Stereozoom Microscopes w/Illum.
Inverted Phase Contrast Microscopes
Compound Microscopes

Refrigerated Microcentrifuges
Table-top Centrifuges and Rotors
Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge
Sigma/Qiagen 4K15 96-well plate centrifuge

ELISA plate reader
Thermospectronic Aquamate
Spectronic 20
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Beckman DU-70
Hach 3000
Hach 4000 VIS
NanoDrop  ND 1000 DNA
Beckman Coulter DU530 UV-Vis

Low Pressure Chromatograph
HPLC Beckman 330
Gas Chromatograph with Head Space Analyzer
HPLC with UV-visible and fluorescence detection

Molecular Biological Equipment
ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer
Transilluminator and Camera
Bio-Rad Phosphorimager
DGGE apparatus
2-D gel electrophoresis apparatus
Bio-Rad Rotofor cell
Hoefer gel eluter
IDEA blotting apparatus
BioRad PCR thermal cyclers (7)
Nanodrop DNA spectrophotometer
Thermo Electron DNA SpeedVac Concentrator

Environmental Chambers (15) - assorted sizes

Calorimetry equipment
Isothermal titration microcalorimeter
Differential scanning microcalorimeter

Incubators and shakers
Incubator Shakers
CO2 Incubators

Cell separation and analysis
flow cytometer
magnetic cell sorter
FACScalibur flow cytometer
MACS magnetic cell separator
96 well fluorescent plate reader
Class II laminar flow hood
Dual water-jacket CO2 incubator

Laminar Flow Hoods
Laminar Flow Hoods (8)
Laminar Flow Hood Class II

Computing Equipment
Numerous Microcomputers (Primarily Macintosh) and Accessories including four laboratory clusters
ArcGIS & ArcInfo stations with large format scanner & plotter

Ecological and Environmental Sampling Equipment
Boat and Trailer for Water Sampling
Stream Flow Meter
FlowCAM portable flow cytometer
Ammonia Analyzer
Air Sampling Equipment
Various Water and Sediment Sampling Devices
YSI & Hydrolab Sondes
Oxygen meters
QUBIT Photosynthesis Units
Dataloggers + Various Sensors including weather stations
LiCor Area Meter
GPS units
Dynamax sap flow system
Kayaks (5)

Examples of Other Equipment
9 electrophysiology stations for intra- and extracellular recording
YSI glucose/lactate analyzer
AHAB recirculating zebrafish racked tank systems (3)
Glass Washer
Vapor Pressure Osmometer
Thermal Cyclers
Sterilizer Cart and Carriage
Water Purification Systems E-pure
-80 Degree Freezers
Liquid Scintillation Counter
Image Analysis System

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