Michael ’66 and Sally Gordon

Michael ’66 and Sally Gordon
As the result of a $5-million gift for financial aid from Trustee Michael Gordon ’66 and his wife Sally, one or two Colby students in each class are able to attend the College with substantial scholarship aid. Students are awarded the scholarships based on high scholastic ability and high financial need. The first Gordon Scholar was a member of the Class of 2010.

Gordon, an economics major at Colby who earned a law degree at Boston University, is a founding partner and chief operating officer of Angelo, Gordon & Co., a leading firm specializing in non-traditional assets and investments. He has served as a trustee for two years and said reconnecting with Colby has been "a great experience… terrific in every respect.

"The professors I've met, to a person, have been outstanding. They're passionate about teaching and about the relationship with students," he said. "The students, too, are terrific. They're impressive intellectually and in their love of the school."

His re-exposure to liberal arts education and to Colby in particular refocused Gordon's philanthropic priorities. "There are a lot of good causes," he said, "but people should consider higher education." Looking at things that are important to him, including remaining competitive in the increasingly global environment by making sure that as many students as possible get the best education they can, Gordon settled on financial aid as the best way to have an impact and to make a statement.

Access and equity are the important things. "There's too much money being given to merit aid. Giving money to students who don't need it is a misapplication of resources," he said. Looking at all the priorities established for the Reaching the World campaign, Gordon was humble about his gift. "This alone isn't going to change the world," he said. "But it's a piece of the big picture."

Gordon also is a member of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fund board of directors and a trustee of Facing History and Ourselves, an international nonprofit educational organization.

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