Jane Perry Lindquist '51

Jane Perry Lindquist '51 and Bob Lindquist
For Jane Perry Lindquist '51, Colby began to change her perspective on life before she even enrolled: "During my senior year in high school, about thirty of us went up for an overnight in the new dorms on Mayflower Hill. The Colby seniors who interviewed and talked with us were so interested in us and in our futures. I'd come from such a narrow perspective, having lived my life up until that point in Rockland, Maine; I was so impressed at how friendly and interested they were to have me there! I didn't expect strangers to be like that."

Jane's father had gone to Bowdoin, which didn't admit women in the late 1940s when Jane was deciding what to do after high school. Her high school Latin teacher, Diana Pitts '13, P'44, suggested Colby and encouraged Jane to apply. Jane was accepted and entered the following year.

"It was 1947 when I entered and watched the men coming back from World War II and going to school at Colby on the GI Bill. They were serious students who really wanted an education and had seen life—and death—and they wouldn't have had the opportunity if it weren't for the GI Bill. And the smart, bright students you knew were from poorer families that had sacrificed a great deal for them to be there—well, I realized what a great opportunity this was for them and for me and began to appreciate how fortunate I was to be there, and that it was the result of my Latin teacher's suggestion."

Jane and her husband, Bob Lindquist, want to be sure they help students who otherwise could not afford a Colby education. They have created a future scholarship fund through a gift annuity and also participate in the Colby Fund, and they recently took advantage of the IRA Charitable Rollover provision of the Pension Protection Act to make their gifts in two separate years.

About using an IRA for their Colby Fund gifts, Jane commented, "It just makes such good sense; it doesn't really affect our cash flow, we don't pay any tax on the distribution, and it allows us to support Colby, to help ensure that critical accessibility for bright, smart, motivated students."

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