Meg Smith ’06

Meg Smith '01
When Meg Smith applied for admission to Colby, she thought the materials she received about the College made grandiose promises. But now, as a graduate, she says Colby delivered everything it promised. She places a high value on her Colby education and is tremendously grateful for the deep connection she feels to other Colby grads and for how well rounded her liberal arts education has made her.

As a student, Meg immersed herself in campus activities. In addition to serving as a head resident her junior and senior years, she was a committee member for Students Against Sexual Assault, was a Colby Cares About Kids mentor, and volunteered with both a boys’ group and a girls’ group in the public schools. One of her favorite activities was tutoring at the Albert S. Hall School for grades four and five in Waterville. During her senior year she was approached by classmate Casey Civiello about serving on the Senior Pledge Committee. She tackled the job with her usual enthusiasm and, because she enjoyed talking to her classmates so much about giving back to Colby, agreed to serve as her class’s Alumni Fund head class agent the following year.

Asked about the 2006-07 Alumni Fund challenge, Meg said she thought it would play a key role in inspiring her classmates to increase both dollars raised and the class participation rate. Not every classmate donated during senior year, and some only gave a dollar or two to help the participation rate. The following year was a good time to get her classmates inspired about giving back to the College. Many of them were beginning to recognize the value of their Colby education.

A history major with a minor in education: professional certification, Meg taught after graduation at Thornton Academy, a semi-private high school in Saco, Maine. She enjoyed helping students improve their writing skills and encouraged her senior students to apply to Colby. In her spare time she enjoys cross country skiing and trail running.
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