Jay Scott-Harris ’98: Paying it Forward

Jay Scott-Harris '98
Jay Scott-Harris’s first visit to Colby was in 1992 when, as a high school sophomore from Kansas City, Kan., he attended the Colby Xerox Summer Institute. The program brought 30 to 40 inner-city students to the College for two weeks for courses with Colby professors and for hiking and camping trips, giving them a taste of Colby and Maine. Jay fell in love with the College that summer, and it’s an experience he still enjoys talking about with prospective Colby students.

A few years later, as a Colby student, Jay immersed himself in campus life, serving three years on hall staff and four on SOBHU (Students Organized for Black and Hispanic Unity), helping to organize events and working with student government. After graduation Jay worked four years as a paralegal, then went to work for Putman Investments, where he is currently a senior legal products specialist doing compliance work and filings with the federal government. “Colby gave me a good educational foundation and was the stepping stone to success in my career and in life,” he said. “I built a strong foundation mentally, physically, and psychologically, and just making it through four rigorous years at Colby helped prepare me tremendously for my career. I had a great experience at Colby—it was a life-changer.”

Jay supports the College with the hope that others will be given the same opportunity he had to attend a school of Colby’s caliber. He recently included a bequest to Colby in his will to help keep the College financially strong. “A bequest seemed like a good way to make sure I don’t forget to support the College. I don’t think I would,” he said with a laugh, “but I wanted to make sure that money goes to Colby; I wanted to put it in writing.”

Jay has also supported the College as a volunteer—on the Alumni Council and as an admissions interviewer—as a way of giving back for current students. “I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Alumni Council and getting to know other alums,” he said. “And it was very satisfying to go back to the College and see all the changes. Being an admissions interviewer was a great way to meet prospective students, and it gave me a chance to talk about my Colby experience.”

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